Thursday, September 06, 2001

Scrapstock Gets Scrapped... Almost
Got an email from Rob Chalfen at the Zeitgeist Gallery today about a disappointing near-disaster. Folks have been planning a 12-night series of experimental music to be held in a scrapyard in Somerville: Scrapstock. And just last night Somerville -- who had signed on to the idea -- put its foot down and nixed it. Here's a rundown from Rob:

"The combined might of the Somerville Council of Alderman and the owner of the Empire Stone Company have tonight put the kibosh on the Scrapstock Festival happening in Union Square. Al & I attended a meeting of Alderman & Chief of Police at Licensing & Permits and they essentially read us the riot act: Despite not having authority to regulate events on private property, and despite all city departments already having signed off on the event, there was no fuckin' way they were going to let it go down; they'd enforce every city ordinance real or imagined if we defied them. They even had us 'withdraw' a petition we did not in fact even have before them, and which did not exist! Further, the Empire Stone guy got cold feet, we think the city got to him. In any event we are now in the unenviable postition of having to communicate to everyone that it's not happening in Union Square, find another place, then tell everyone about it. Oy vey! We are going to try to preserve as much as possible the times, dates and order of acts performing! Possible alternate locations are Carberry's Restaurant on Prospect in Cambridge, and the Cambridge Multicultural Center. It is quite possible that the first scheduled date, this Friday Sept 7th, will be a free concert in Sennott Park across from the Zeitgeist Gallery on Broadway & Norfolk. Wish us luck! we're gonna need it."

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