Thursday, May 31, 2007

From the In Box: Mural Revival

In February, I wrote a Yelp review about a bar called Revival. Cleaning up my email in box several months later, I discovered an email sent in response to that review. Mike Gorman writes:

I was the guy who painted that mural you enjoyed at the Revival Bar in NYC. I didn't sign it, as back in the day, I never signed my work.

I'm so happy to hear it's still up. I don't get to NYC much at all any more, and have been looking online for any posting of a picture of it (I never even photographed it!)

I was just doing a web search to see if anyone posted pics of it, and stumbled across your posting on Yelp wondering who did it!

Anyways, some day I'll get back down there and get a photo! (I left NYC for Maine right after I did it)

Thanks for helping clear up that mystery, Mike! I hope you're signing your work more often these days. It's good.

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