Monday, May 07, 2007

Anchormen, Aweigh! XXXII

Science-fiction hacktivist Cory Doctorow was kind enough to include some Anchormen samples in an episode of the Cory Doctorow Podcast.

In said episode, Cory features snippets of two Anks' songs, "Moon Face" and "Mass. Ave. Attack," both of which hail from the fine CD Punk Rock Is Awesome.

Cory also reads from his way-forthcoming young adult novel Little Brother. You can preorder the book from, but not stateside yet, as far as I can tell. It's due out from Tor in May 2008. Like, a year!

Thanks for involving the Anks, Cory. And thanks for the name drop.

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kurt said...

punk rock is indeed awesome, as is that more generally. hey -- i'm trying to track down the name of this woman we saw play the accordion at the kendall cafe like 4 years ago. i tried to search the media diet, to no avail. do you happen to recall who that was? i loved her stuff.