Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Down the Up Side of Being a Frequent Customer

Next week, I'm going on a trip out west, and I just realized tonight that I'd forgotten to book a room for one of the nights I'm there. I thought I had made a reservation at a hotel that I have frequented in the past, but calling to confirm my maybe-reservation tonight, I learned that I had in fact forgotten to do so. I had no room reserved.

So I asked whether they still had vacancies. "Are you Heath Row?" the woman asked. I replied in the affirmative. "OK. I'll save a room for you. I don't need your credit card. I know you stay here all the time."

I'm kicking myself that I gaffed on this one night, but it's good to know that the hotelier's got my back. They don't have a frequent guest program. But I think they just made one up.

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Ladyliver said...

That's a lovely surprise.
I hope you enjoy your trip, eh.

Take Care.