Thursday, June 15, 2006

Photo Opportunity

The band the Hold Steady, which includes a fellow named Tad -- who used to play in the Wisconsin bands Billy's Sandbox and Doublespeak (and who played with Lifter Puller for a spell) -- is shooting the cover for their new record Saturday, June 17.

We need some extra bodies. It would help us out a ton if some of you New York-based rock fans could come down and help us out. Please email me if you can make it.

Here's the deal:

Location: North 6 (66 North 6th Street, Brooklyn NY)
When: 1pm, Saturday June 17 (We'll have you out by 5pm)

I will need to manage how many people we need, so please RSVP.

Were I not going out of town, I might very well check this out. I once booked Billy's Sandbox for an event in the town I grew up in. And Doublespeak released a split 7-inch with Inspector 12. Who knew?

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