Monday, October 03, 2005

Dollars to DVDs

Copyright expiring is a good, good thing. For the consumer. And holiday seasons like Halloween are all the better for identifying why -- and how. Case in point: Halloween. With the coming of the scary season, there's a slew of spooky cinema DVDs available on the cheap.

Why, just this weekend, while in California, I went to Target and, in the One Spot, the store's section for $1 specials, I found a bunch of horror movie double features issued by the software OEM PC Treasures, which has released a handful of scary-movie two-fers. All for $1.

That find -- the most easily tracked -- led me to a local Dollar Tree, which yielded a goldmine of DVDs released by Television Classics -- and other imprimaturs which appear to have the same Solana Beach, Calif., P.O. Box -- Treasure Box Collections, Diamond Entertainment, and other distributors.

Their only mistake? Selling wholesale, but not retail. Were there a list of all these $1 DVDs available for mail order -- or online sale -- I'd plunk down many a greenback.

Next up? Christmas. And the DVDs are already out there. Get them before they get you.

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