Saturday, September 03, 2005

Roadrunner, Roadrunner

Finally, I've caved. This morning I trained into Manhattan to the 23rd Street Time Warner Cable office to get a self-install kit and a cable modem for RoadRunner high-speed Internet access. I was impressed how streamlined the customer service process was: customer number at the door, a way efficient woman, and I soon left with a cable modem and self-install kit.

The kit consisted of a cable splitter, basically. Had I gotten my own cable modem, could I have just gotten a splitter and gone to town? When I got my laptop several years ago, I also got an Airport, which has been mothballed until this afternoon. It's nice having wireless access at home -- right now I'm at the kitchen counter -- and I hope I'm also helping the neighborhood.

Random aside: While managing my Netflix queue, I just maxed it out. Seems the maximum number of movies you can queue is 483. "If you wish to add this movie to your Queue, you must first remove some movies," the service said when I tried to add another. Why 483?

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