Thursday, September 29, 2005

From the Reading Pile: Prescription for a Post-Season Media Diet

Back in April, I penned a short essay about the loss of America's pastime -- and where I turned for my baseball fix: sports magazines. That piece has now been published in the new issue of Zisk, "the baseball magazine for people who hate baseball magazines."

Especially because we're nearing the end of the baseball season this year, it's well worth a read. The editors have printed it with care, even keeping my typos true. (That's one risk of "free"-lancing: If you're unpaid, you're edited less stringently. Harf!) The first person to email me and identify the unintential misprint will receive a surprise. Send $3 to 801 Eagles Ridge Road, Brewster, NY 10509 for Zisk #11, the fall 2005 issue.

One magazine I didn't include, lamentably, in the Media Diet survey is Baseball America, which I discovered too late. That major supporter of the minor and lesser leagues, a tabloid, might also be worth delving into during the off season.

Swing, batter, swing!

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