Sunday, August 21, 2005

Old School Rap

I also recently found a dot-matrix printout of this, a rap I wrote for a high school graduation talent show. Several friends and I were in a fake rap group called Rapcrap, and we entered the competition.

(Hum Lean on Me with bass and drums)

Here I am standing on the stage
Mic in my hand all up in a rage
Talking about 1991
The year we graduate, the year we'll be done
Going out into the real world
All the senior boys and all the senior girls
Whether going to college or getting a job
Don't let anybody your success rob
I'm talking to you and I'm talking straight
My high school years have been pretty great
The spirit is rising, anticipation is high
Yet I feel a twinge of doubt -- I ask you why
Through the years, we've all become friends
When June rolls round our high school years end
Maybe we'll try to keep in touch
But we won't see each other much
So for this year, make it the best
Create memories to outshine the rest
With all the hard work and all of the fun
Come a feeling of accomplishment -- we are done

(break into Chameleon bass line and jump around)

Now's the time to get out of your chair
Move your feet and let down your hair
This is supposed to be a pep rally
Maybe it's not up your alley
Come on everybody move your body
Don't be stuck up don't be snotty
Join the crowd ants in pants
Jump around do the trout dance
Liven up all you Blackhawks
Don't make like a bunch like a bunch of cornstalks
Don't let yourself get pushed by the tractor
Losing is not a possible factor
Singling out football players from the rest
When you go out there play your best
Play with strength, unity, skill and pride
Make all of us feel good inside

Wow. Such earnestness! The neat thing is, I can still do the trout dance.

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