Friday, August 26, 2005

Boob Tube Ruse

Last night, my friend David and I were going to a free filming of Comedy Central's Premium Blend with Damon Wayans courtesy of On Camera Audiences. After a quick dinner at the Film Center Cafe -- where we were waited on by the cute and amusing Barry -- we went to the theater to get in line.

An hour later, we were turned away. Had we gotten there perhaps 10-15 minutes earlier, we would have gotten in, I'm sure, and as it was, we got to add our names to a special premium invitation list for "next time." Despite all that, we still got a good dose of the funny. David and I played what he dubbed the Hacky Crappington Game, a game in which I'd offer up topics -- say, laundromats or traffic -- and he'd do a bit or a rant. I'd then cut him off with a new topic, and he had to seamlessly go into the next bit. Try it; it's fun. David also turned me onto the blog of one Laurie Kilmartin, whose writing sheds light on the life of a standup. Fun stuff. Even if we stood in line for an hour.

Last night, then, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was still in line for the show, but that, instead of getting turned away, I snuck in through the door. I made it to the entrance to the theater inside, but got startled and had to hide. So I jumped into a restroom. The restroom was equipped with a bathtub and shower, and I decided that the best way to act natural was to take a shower. No one would look twice! So into the shower I stepped. As I was finishing the shower and began to dress -- while still standing in the tub, I realized I hadn't rinsed my hair. Even though I'd put my shirt on. So I leaned forward in the tub as the water drained out to rinse my hair -- only to get my shirt soaking wet!


Anonymous said...

hey Heath -- i was wondering if you saw any of this new orleans blogging stuff.

kind of interesting. i've been following the irc chat some, too, which is kind of interesting to follow.

Anonymous said...

err that last post was from kurt in madison, wi