Thursday, May 06, 2004

Take That, Big Apple VI

Now that spring is here, I'm settling into the city and its rhythms much better. My apartment is still a shambles, but that, too, shall improve. And yesterday, I had one of my first, honest-to-gosh "I love New York" moments. Many mornings, I stop at a bagle cart near 41st and Lex for a cup of coffee and a bagle (plain, cream cheese). The cream cheese is just kind of slabbed on the bagel, and the cart just raised its prices, making the $2 breakfast a $2.10 breakfast. But because they don't have tons of change, my $3 got 75 cents back, which made it a $2.25 breakfast. I'm not going to carry dimes all the time just to get a bagel on the street.

So I went to Delmonico's yesterday morning, and instead of getting my customary egg and cheese on a toasted roll, I got a bagel and cream cheese. And with just one bite, I discovered a whole new world of bagelry. Delmonico's bagels are amazing. Just chewy enough on the outside. Just soft and spongy enough on the inside. Such glorious flavor. Hella better than the bagel cart bagels I've been eating since January.

Good morning, New York City.

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