Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Gmail Spot

As a Gmail beta tester, I used my two new account invitations to gift friends who clearly, enthusiastically, and unprompted expressed interest in checking it out. I also ignored all the pleas for invites I received via Orkut. Come on people, make friends with the "right" people, not friends of friends. Seriously, and curiously, though, if Blogger can offer users Gmail invitations -- if you use Blogger, you can try out Gmail -- why can't Orkut? Seems like natural synergy. I've already started usimg Gmail as my primary blogging email.

Update: I said all that to say that there's now a Gmail invitation-swapping service online. Gmail Swap helps pair those with invitations with those without accounts, "because people are nice." Now, I like to think that I'm not a "nefarious hooligan" just because I didn't gift a random, but here you go. Let's see if supply equals demand.

Thanks to Daypop Top 40.

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