Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Technofetishism XXV
I'm using several new applications that I'm quite fond of. And I think Mac-using Media Dieticians might be, too.

Time Palette is a world time and mapping tool that offers several neat features. I now have a time bar across the top of my desktop highlighting local times in several cities around the world. There's a meeting scheduler that translates time-zone differences. And there's a local weather report window in which you can track meteorological phenomena in multiple locations. It's been clear in Minocqua, Wisconsin, for the last few days!

CookWare Deluxe is a recipe management tool that helps you search recipes by ingredient, compile grocery lists, and compose cookbook pages for printout. I've not really used it while cooking yet, but I have added a recipe for Nanaimo bars, a British Columbian treat.

iTunes Tool, despite one of the more ungainly icons I've encountered recently, is a handy iTunes add-on. Instead of keeping iTunes up and visible in its own window while you're listening to MP3's, iTunes Tool allows you to keep the window diminished but still retain control over your the iTunes player. With an extremely small screen imprint, the tool features play, pause, and skip controls, giving you iTunes control without taking up as much real estate.

Lastly, My DVD Library is a light application that will keep track of your, well, DVD collection. Developed to make it easier to keep track of what DVD's you've lent to friends, the program also features the ability to export your collection as an HTML file so you can post it on the Web. I spent some time last week or so adding my 70-plus DVDs to the app, and they didn't seem to stick. I'll let you know if I have further problems with the tool, but on its face, it seems pretty cool.

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