Wednesday, March 06, 2002

In Bed with Head Executives II
In today's Globe, Eileen McNamara contends that the Harvard Business Review has bigger ethical problems than editors wooing their sources. McNamara charges that HBR lets sources read and edit stories about themselves before publication, and that the elite business journal fawns over executive subjects while insisting that they don't do "celebrity CEO profiles."

To quote David Lee Roth, she's got a point there. Actually, she's got two points there. McNamara also suggests that this brouhaha is the result of uneven gender politics. "A single woman has a relationship with a powerful, older, married man," she writes. "He gets a round of high-fives from the boys at the country club; she gets a pink slip." Would this be such a big deal if the editor were a man -- and the subject a woman? I wonder whether it'd be an even bigger deal.

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