Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Email I Would've Sent My Ex-Girlfriend IV
This is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but I felt like writing a top-10 list late last night. I'd certainly never actually email my ex this. But, d'ohh! I'm putting it in Media Diet? Go figure.

The Top 10 Lies I Tell Myself About Why We Broke Up and What's Going on Now (Nothing)

  • I didn't ask you out for the first time because C. told me he thought you had a crush on me.
  • Lately, you always call me from your folks' house -- or from outside my *69 call return or caller ID zone so I can't tell if it's you.
  • I didn't cheat on you, thinking that you'd cheated on me.
  • You don't reach out to me now because you think I don't want to see you.
  • You weren't clear about how you felt. I wasn't clear about how I felt.
  • You don't love P.
  • You love P.
  • We aren't compatible.
  • We are compatible.
  • This matters.
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