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Cracked #146 (November 1977)

Editor and Publisher: Robert C. Sproul; Associate Editor: Bill Sproul; Writers: Joe Catalano, George Gladir, Eugene Parnell, Elaine Ozimok, and Peter Hansen; Artists: Howard Nostrand, Sururi Gumen, Don Orehek, and Warren Sattler; Preuf Reider: Errin Spelin; Janitor: Sylvester P. Smythe.

P. 4: "Lettuce from Our Readers," 12 letters of comment from readers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia,  Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia; and Manitoba, Canada. The best letter was sent in by Mrs. Elenore Palmer, of Old Lyme, Conn.: "I believe I am your oldest reader. I will be celebrating my 86th birthday in November and have enjoyed your magazine for many years. ... Grey power and my love to you all!"

P. 6: "Star Warz," film parody drawn by John Severin. Highlight includes comic strip- and science fiction-related graffiti throughout: "Sally Forth was here," "Wilma—I miss you! Buck," and "Dale, come home—love, Flash."

P. 13: "The Cracked Guide to Canoeing," uncredited outdoors humor. I think it's the work of Howard Nostrand but haven't been able to confirm.

P. 17: "On Capitol Hill," one-page gag about Universal Product Codes and corruption in politics. The UPC was just three years old in 1977, so the joke might have actually been funny, if not timely, then. One of several misdirecting credits, this strip is labeled, "John Severin didn't do this." It's true; he didn't.

P. 18: "When the Country Runs out of Water," four pager by Bill Ward. This piece pokes fun at water shortages and droughts.

P. 22: "The Cracked Guide to Jogging," credited to Nostrand, another outdoors humor piece.

P. 26: "Frustrationland," a two-page spread by Ward imagining a Disneyland not for entertainment, but for venting hostilities. Targets include the IRS, newspaper delivery boys, Farrah Fawcett-Majors lookalikes, bullies, diets, and General Motors.

P. 28: "Fringe Benefits Athletes Will Soon Be Demanding," drawn by Severin.

P. 31: "Crimedom's Mail Order Catalogue," catalog parody by Warren Sattler for Heist & Fastbuck, "where the underworld shops." Best product: "Handy Dandy Comic Book Rack, holds up to 50 comic books."—"Don't Neglect Your Moll! While you're holed up waiting for the heat to blow over, keep the baby doll from getting restless and bored." Depicts a gun moll raptly reading a comic book, and spinner rack titles such as Love Comics, Smooch Comics, Kiss Comics, Heart Throb, Romance Comics, Secret Comics, and Girl Comics.

P. 36: "The Great Airline War," by Severin, though credited to Nostrand.

P. 39: "The Deeep," movie parody drawn by Nostrand.

P. 45: "Cracked Interviews the Insurance King," by Bill Ward featuring Nanny Dickering.

P. 50: "Shut-Ups," by Don Orehek. Cracked's answer to Mad's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.

Marginalia: "Cracked is lighting up a room by leaving it..." "Cracked is putting off reading Webster's Dictionary in the hopes it'll be made into a movie..."

Insert: Centerfold spread of 16 cover decals featuring issues between 1959 and 1968.

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