Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Without His Powers

The Flash #40 (DC, April 2018, $2.99)
The issue opens with a bang, as Grodd and Raijin try to control the Flash—Grodd dying of the Silence and seeking to "draw forth the Speed Force and save my life." Meanwhile, Central City is trapped in an energy field, its own speed also being drained. The Flash attempts to persuade Grodd to stop. "I promise we'll find you a cure." Kid Flash disarms Raijin, and Avery grabs the lightning wand.

Grodd probes the Flash's mind further, believing that without his powers, the Flash would be nothing. Grodd's helpers, including Meena—Negative Flash—strap the Flash to a machine, transferring the power to Grodd, leaving our speedy hero powerless as Barry Allen—and leading Grodd to realize that even his Speed Force isn't enough.

Wally West saves Allen from a major fall and—with little upset or self-pity—is named by Allen the new Flash of Central City by Allen.

To a reader who hasn't been keeping up with Joshua Williamson's current storyline, this issue feels a little hellbent and linear, and the loss of Allen's powers underemphasized... or at least causing little reaction or concern. Losing the Speed Force should be a bigger deal, perhaps. Regardless, my son loves this comic—and I do enjoy Grodd—so it was an interesting read. We'll have to see what came before... and what happens next!

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Availability: You can buy this issue online. #28-32 have been collected in The Flash Vol. 5: Negative.

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