Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Sound of a Skrull God Dying

Incredible Hercules #120 (Marvel, October 2008, $2.99)
Writers: Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente; Penciler: Rafa Sandoval; Inkers: Roger Bonet and Greg Adams; Colors: Gracia with Calero and Trevino; Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna; Cover: Romita, Janson, and White; Production: Joe Sabino; Assistant Editor: Nathan Cosby; Editor: Mark Paniccia; Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada; Publisher: Dan Buckley.

New Avengers: Illuminati might have been my first exposure to the Secret Invasion event. This strange Hercules comic book was my second. This title has an odd lineage. It's not so much a Hercules series in the sense that the miniseries published in the '80s were as it is a continuation of a Hulk title—with an ever-shifting name. The title was called at various times Hulk, Incredible Hulk, Incredible Hercules (for almost 30 issues!), and Incredible Hulks.

This issue sports an eye-catching John Romita, Jr., cover. Even though the book showcased Hercules, it was a team book of sorts, featuring the titular hero, Snowbird (of Alpha Flight), Ajak (one of the Eternals), Mikaboshi, Atum, and Amadeus Choi. Up against two Skrull gods, Kly'bn the Eternal Skrull and Sl'gur't of the Infinite Names, the team is floundering.

Snowbird is thought dead, and Ajak wrests the group's leadership from Hercules before attacking Kly'bn. Atum takes on Sl'gur't before dying at her, ahem, hands... before Amadeus himself falls. In the end, Kly'bn falls, but at the expense of many of these characters, some of whom I'd read of for the first time.

Given the awesome subject matter—gods and Skrulls? Lovely.—Pak and Van Lente have plenty of paper to play with. The issue's opening mythological exposition was very interesting, as was the story of Snowbird's return—and the destruction of the Book of Worlds. Ajak's criticism of Hercules is apt, and I'm sure we'll see him again. "Earthbound Eternals have a habit of resurrecting themselves."

Otherwise, it's a fight scene: blood, and bones, and entrails. Sound effects abound. My favorites include "Whakachakaboom!!!", "Shkkraakkkoww," "Qwfoosh!", and "Ga-Bloik!" For that is the sound of a Skrull god dying, impaled on the bone of an elder god.

Availability: This issue was collected in Incredible Hercules, Vol. 2: Secret Invasion. We also recommend Secret Invasion.

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