Saturday, December 22, 2007

Return to Sender

I sold a book via Amazon Marketplace, and the buyer requested that I send it to someone housed in the Federal Correctional Institution in Bastrop, Texas. I did, and the prison sent the book back to me. I received it today with the following note:

Hardcover books cannot be properly inspected without damaging the publicatoon. As a security concern, policy only allows for hardcover publications if they are received directly from a book store, publisher, or book club.

The correspondence inclosed with your mailing has been forwarded to inmate.

The following material was returned to the sender: 1 hardcover book

Kudos to the jail for sending the book back to me. Curious, however: What kind of criminal wants a copy of Christian Mikunda's Brand Lands, Hot Spots & Cool Spaces?

1 comment:

Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...

If s/he's the sort to appreciate that book, I'm certain s/he's the sort who would delight in your letter of inquiry!

please, do let us know what s/he replies