Thursday, October 04, 2007

Le Chat Lunatique

I've removed the MyCyberTwin icon from the left sidebar, but earlier tonight, I got an alert that someone was chatting with my cyber twin. Here's the exchange:

Wonderer15: hey
Heath: Hey!
Wonderer15: are you real?
Heath: I am a cyber clone but I have been given the ability to interact with you on a human level.
Heath: What's your favorite record?
Wonderer15: i dont know
Heath: Oh, I thought a smart person like yourself might know that.
Wonderer15: but i have a guestion
Heath: Are you happy that you have one of them?
Wonderer15: i have a question
Heath: What do you want to know specifically?
Wonderer15: is it bad if my heart rate is 203 when i run a 10 min mile ?
Heath: Are you giving me your heart? Thanks.

I hope they're OK now.

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