Monday, July 02, 2007

Video-A-Go-Go-Away V

Dame Darcy
The celebrated artiste is now appearing in
Turn of the Century
May we suggest you attend?

The House of Luxury

Join Meatcake cartoonist Dame Darcy at the strangest variety show of all time on Turn of the Century. With ghosts, frying feet, crooners, doppelgangers, and cryptic film making, this cult hit program from late night NYC will pull your leg and twist your mind with its delirious vision of Victorianism run amok. Turn of the Century is relentlessly bizarre -- and relentlessly fun!

"Dame Darcy -- (her) Turn of the Century obsessions make her the cutest and cuddliest corpse that's ever walked the earth." NY Press

A Thrilling spectacle direct from Gotham!
You must be witness to this fracas!

Dame Darcy

reputed scion of the assassin booth
and artiste long associated
with the comic series


now starring in an amusing program of
high stepping action you will not forget!

Hi Jink

of a most extraordinary nature via that
marvel of today ie television!


suitable for both gents and the ladies
no touts or rough sports need attend!
Miss her feats and friends at your own


See the dolls living and otherwise!
For those with a taste for fancy goods
A non pareil of song, burlesque and mayhem
from the latenight NYC variety show
"Turn of the Century"!

Will you dare too look?

Running time: 90 minutes
(c) 1997 Dame Darcy
Produced by Blessed Elysium
Published by The House of Luxury
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Cover Photo: Rustyn Birch
Package Creative: Devon!
Package Production: Amy Hayes
For quantity discounts contact:
The House of Luxury,
Box 763. Lyons, CO 80540
To order single copies send
$21.95 to: Dame Darcy, Box 730,
New York, NY 10009

ISBN: 1-56455-2756

Handwritten on tape shell:

Turn of the Century
"Best of"
Vol. 1 & 2
Dame Darcy (c) 1997

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