Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Video-A-Go-Go-Away II

Atomic TV Vol. 1
A media maxi-pad absorbing the continual flow of pop culture

Episode #1
The Grape Ape Episode

This episode's better than the titillating touch of a doting Doberman's tongue... You'll meet Grape Ape, a hippie burnout who survived an atomic blast to become the Magilla Gorilla of rock and roll... Do the Scoliosis Dance... Learn Good Posture Habits... Dip into the tasty hip-hop aural treats of Japanese musical duo Cibo Matto... Surrender to local heart-throbs, The Put-Outs, in their "Sky Is Falling" video... And, as always, thrill to our classic "It's Intermission Time" snackbar ads and "Coming Attractions" trailers and retro commercials... (60 min.)

Episode #2
Jim Rose Circus Sideshow

We interviewed Jim Rose and filmed highlights of his latest freakshow -- Mexican Transvestite Wrestlers, Sumo Wrasslin' She-Babes, The Enigma, Mr. Lifto, The Armenian Rubber Man... See 60s strippers shaking their shag-a-delic money-makers!... See Pouty Beatniks sulk to John Barry jazz riffs... See the Archies cover the Sex Pistols... Lezzie Lick Flick Movie Trailers!... Skizz Cyzyk's animated short My Little Pickle Love Song... Plus, we'll throw in our buxotic go-go Disclaimer Girl, Mychelle! (60 min.)

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