Thursday, December 22, 2005

Moral Quandary #1

When giving gifts and presents, I rarely if ever give used items, especially for major holidays such as Christmas and birthdays. In the past, when tempted to open a present before gifting it to a friend or family member, I've restrained myself. Unopened, new gifts are better, I thought.

This year was different. I bought several CD's for family members, and each one, I opened and ripped before wrapping them. Those CD's that had the hinge sticker -- the sticker sealing the jewel tray closed at the top of the CD -- I flipped open in such a way that the sticker was left intact, so the recipient may be none the wiser, albeit musically richer. (I call this the skate key method, and if we ever meet, I'll be happy to demonstrate.)

Is this wrong? I don't mean in the copyright infringement sense, because I bought all three CD's at considerable markup (100% more than online retail for one of the discs) instead of buying them used in order to support in-store holiday sales. I mean in the gift-giving sense. Does a "listened" to once CD make less of a gift? Does shrink wrap make a present more meaningful?

Or did I just ruin Christmas?

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