Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I'm usually not that into classical music, but after snagging some classic slabs from the stoop and reading some of Dan Pink's thoughts on the "symphony," it's higher on my mind in recent days.

So I was pleased to receive Naxos' 2005 catalog in the mail yesterday. Priced extremely reasonably -- $6.97/CD! -- the catalog features the run-of-the-mill canonical composers you'd expect, as well as folks like John Cage and Philip Glass. They also offer an impressive selection of audio books and an indexed section in which they identify which classical pieces were featured in recent -- and not-so-recent -- movies.

Just recently, I was talking with a friend about their wanting to be better able to identify classical music used in films -- and my wanting to be better able to learn what songs were used in TV adverts. Naxos can help you get a leg up.

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