Monday, February 07, 2005

Heath Row Goes to College

Sept. 17, 1991

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well, here I am on my first day here at NU. K.'s parents said that you left around six o'clock. Hope you made it safely home to find B. in a happy state of mind. After you left my room, I finished the initial tidying up of the desk area and stocked my medicine cabinet. Around six or so K. and I headed toward the downtown area to check things out. Befire this, however, I read through all the stuff in the folder we received and bought a Wild Discount Card for five dollars from a guy selling room to room. The card gives all sorts of discounts at Evanston businesses and will pay for itself in a very short while.

Once downtown, we discovered the comic shop and promptly went crazy. I held myself to a ten dollar limit and got some really great stuff, including Jim's latest Guardians. After looking around a tad more, we went to eat at McDonald's, since the food services had closed. Having taken my medicine at five, I had to wait until at least six to eat. Two cheeseburgers, medium coke. $2.51. Now we're back in our room at 8:30 PM about to leave for either the play fair or perhaps that film if it looks better. I'll break now and come back maybe tomorrow.

Just got back from the Playfair thing. It's now 11:00 PM same day and I'm passing on the ice cream so I can wrap this up and get to bed before too late. No, I'm not homesick, I just thought I'd get this done this week before too late. Bad sentence structure, I know.

Anyhoo, thanks for doing all you did to get me here. How's the van? Ha. Until next letter or Tuesday, whichev... Tuesday comes soonest. I'll probably give you this then to save postage fees.

Yours in Pepsi,

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kirsten said...

love it, love it, love it! reminds me of my first days at NU. i didn't go to playfair though and my roommate moved in all of her possession in garbage bags which she dumped out on the floor.