Monday, December 06, 2004

Gone Are the Days of the Gentleman-Athlete

Phil Mushnick's Equal Time column in today's New York Post slams Sports Illustrated for its sometimes-jokey coverage of recent sporting escapades. Calling SI "once sports' most significantly right-headed publication" -- as opposed to what other magazine, perhaps? -- Mushnick mouths off about SI's snickering about the Monday Night Football/Nicolette Sheridan brouhaha, a photo shoot of an Olympic sprinter (earning a comparison to ESPN magazine's "gangsta style"), and a profile of a skateboarder.

"Has he ever hung out in front of a 7-Eleven, making life miserable for the storeowner?" Muchnick wonders. Huh. Sir, SI is a magazine published for sports fans. If you expect to revel in the era of the moustachioed pugilist, barehanded baseball, and the dandy horse, you were born in the wrong century. I'd argue that SI is higher brow than the average sports fan and athlete. And dismissing skateboarding: What's the old saying? "When golf is outlawed, only outlaws will have Big Berthas"? What do you think would happen if all the public basketball courts were closed? Tennis courts? Little League fields?

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