Friday, July 02, 2004

Newspaper Chase IX

Reasons to Read Newsday:

  • The marketing feature It Happened in New York
  • The Fishing Forecast, which includes a map of Long Island drawn as a fish
  • Mr. G's G-Whiz weather quiz
  • Color comics every day, including Herb and Jamal, Ziggy (gack, but in color!), Pickles, and Stone Soup
  • Local Sounds MP3 features in Impulse regardless of how good the band is (Support your scene!)
  • They recently gave back-cover Weekend section treatment to my current popcult crush Nellie McKay
  • Straight outta Strong Island, baby!
  • Occasionally, Patricia's in the Kitchen
  • Columnist Jimmy Breslin, a real gem, and a rarity among newsmen today

Reasons to Read the New York Observer:

  • It's printed on salmon-colored paper, and that just _screams_ bagels and lox
  • The paper runs full, broadsheet-page stories
  • Joe Hagan's NYTV TV listing meets broadcast gossip column
  • On the Town with Rex Reed
  • Noelle Hancock and Jessica Joffe's deliciously dastardly Fifteen-Day Week events listing (perhaps the only reason you need to subscribe!)
  • The Transom
  • Tom Scocca's Off the Record column
  • It's got the lock on the city's Public & Legal Notices
  • How quaint; it thinks it's the New Yorker or Harper's... in newsprint!

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