Wednesday, June 09, 2004

New York Niches II

I had a nice small-world New York moment this evening. Walking to Deb's from the 23rd Street subway station, I bumped into my friend Kirsten, who's a grad student at the SVA and a fellow alum of Northwestern. She's one of the people I've fully intended to contact since relocating, haven't gotten in touch with, and still fully intend to hang out with.

We did a double take as we walked toward each other, me toward Deb's house and she away from the SVA, caught up in that cursory way people do on the sidewalk, and exchanged phone numbers. Again.

I was heading to walk Harpo, and she was heading to a Final Cut Pro class. At the same time, our mutual friend (for me, acquaintance) Chuck Wren was in town for a Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra show.

Hello to you, Kirsten. And hello, New York. Small world, smaller, I've been waiting to bump into Kirsten since moving here.

Now I have.

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