Monday, May 10, 2004

Rock Shows of Note LXXXIV

After accidentally -- and thoughtlessly -- paying $9 to get into the Middle East Upstairs on Saturday, where I thought I was to meet my friend Brad, I realized that I had wandered into the WBCN Rumble, a battle of the bands-like Boston institution that I've managed to avoid for the last seven years. Turns out the the show I was to meet Brad at was a free, largely unpromoted show at the Middle East Corner. The $9 I don't mind so much, but the Rumble did irritate. Crowded, nowhere to stow my bag, and the wrong show!

Luckily, the Corner -- and the show there -- did not irritate. A veritable Burlington love-a-thon, several Vermont-based acts made their way south to Boss Town. Helps when all the bands share members. First up, Steve and Joe in Liberty Valence, a pleasant country-tinged duo featuring guitar and bass. Then, Colin Clary, who surprised with an unusual mad skill- and flow-ridden set of solo acoustic pop songs. Finally, everyone got together with a drummer as the Magic Is Gone, which has been around since 1999.

That project confused me slightly, as there was plenty of catchy, poppy neatness -- as well as some difficult-to-scry psychedelic wash and noise. An awkward pairing, and I preferred the poppier side of things. But it was awesome to get three different doses of Burlington music at one time -- and to meet Colin finally. It was also fun to see so many Burlington expatriots, family members, and friends gather for the show.

Soundtrack: Onion Flavored Rings, "Used to It"

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