Thursday, March 04, 2004

Blogging About Blogging LXXII

Half-hearted kudos to Rick Bruner and the Daily News for a sizable story on some of the more notable women bloggers in New York City. Despite punny headlines -- "I Am Woman, Hear Me Blog" and "Fresh Blog-ettes" -- Bruner's roundup of profiles is a relatively fun and insightful look at the people behind the pages.

For the most part, the photography works well, with Rebecca McAlpin's shot of Lindsay Robertson in a bar setting standing out -- and Linda Rosier's "Thersday" cover shot sporting a cute as heck Elizabeth Spiers donned in a mod black-and-white dress and boots. But that very cover girl convention -- and Blaise Kearsley's cleavage -- telegraphs a disturbing part of the piece's theme. While blogging can help people find and share their voices, Bruner slots these female bloggers into somewhat stereotypical roles: the "loony slut," the "Eve of bloggers," Manolo Blahniks, hipsters, and gossips. Regardless, all are sites worth exploring:

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