Wednesday, December 31, 2003


A Cambridge-based company called SmartWorlds has developed a technology that will allow shoppers to compare prices and access reviews on cell phones and handhelds -- while still in a physical shop.

The free application, iShop, enables people to key in ISBN numbers and other information to refer to Amazon listings, order online, and email reports. Intriguingly, the idea -- according to a Jan. 1 Cambridge Chronicle piece by Mike Fisher -- stemmed from a museum-based application with which museum goers could learn more about sculptures and paintings. Future plans for service expansion include DVD and electronics commerce tie-ins. SmartWorlds has also partnered with Boston-based Trident Booksellers.

Those are the gimmies. Now if only I could tie iShop into Amazon's Wish List and my cell phone's global positioning for opt-in push-based alerts. One aspect of mapblogging down, many more to go.

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