Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Story of Spam V

With the SoBig virus continuing to hammer the Net, I came in after the holiday weekend to 400-plus emails diverted to my Deleted Items -- and 900-plus emails in my Inbox. But just now, a message crossed my transom that me smile:

Old Farts Band


Permit me to introduce myself. I am Sonnie Chamberlain the father of Drummer Matt Chamberlain. I am contacting as many of the fathers of famous musicians as I can to see if any of them play any thing. I am trying to get a band together of fathers. I talked to Sheral Crow's father yesterday and he is busy but said that if I can get something going he would like to play rhythm sometimes. I dont know if this email will reach anyone or not but was hoping by going threw you it may . I play drumms so not other drummers need apply. LOL If you know of anyone please ask them to contact me.

Sonnie Chamberlain

I am not the father of a famous musician, but it sounds like an interesting project -- like the All Heaths group on Friendster. I think it's hilarious that he misspelled Sheryl Crow's name. If you're going to drop a name to lend credibility, spell it right, for chrissake.

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