Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Magazine Me II
I haven't seen Seed magazine yet, but an article in today's Globe might encourage me to brave the Boston cold to head to a nearby newsstand this afternoon. Can't track down any Web references to the new magazine, but it seems to be a science fashion magazine riffing off periodicals such as Mondo 2000, 21C, New Scientist, and others. Word is that AOL Time Warner is calling Seed a "science couture" magazine, and the Globe story is ripe with descriptions of Harper's Bazaar-like photography spreads.

In an interesting turn of events, Felice Frankel, the magazine's arts editor, is a scientific photographer at MIT. As artist in residence at MIT's electric engineering and computer science department, Felice has penned a personal manifesto on new ways of seeing science, and she's contributing to a symposium this June on "envisioning and communicating science and technology."

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