Tuesday, August 14, 2001

From the In Box: Sites on the Side of the Road II
Ramon followed up to that email with a short message saying:

By the way, what did you mean with "his diary entries are relatively sparse"? I just don't get that one...

I replied that the recent entries are all really short and mentioned where he was and who he had met -- but not much at all about what he was doing, what the place was like, and what the people were like.

Turns out that he posts skeletal place-holding entries to keep up to date, but that he later goes back and fleshes out his online diaries. And the full reports are much more satisfying! The entry marked "latest report" in his Online Reports is the most recent full diary entry -- even though it's about a week old. The more recent reports will be fleshed out later.

I am supposed to keep up with my reports, but my mind is not always cooperating. Also because it takes over 1 hour to write it, upload pictures and check emails. It's sometimes difficult when people want to show me around or don't have Internet. Just to let people know, I give a short update on the last days, while saying that the "full" report will come later. I just edited the reports index and added the NO REPORT YET next to the sparse reports...

Thanks for the clarification, Ramon!

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