Saturday, March 15, 2008

Products I Love XXIV

Do you know how much water you use when you shower? Do you know how long your average shower lasts? Chances are, you use more water than you need to -- and that you shower for longer than you need to. I know I do!

Not long ago, C. and I got a shower timer from Envirosax. It attaches to your shower wall with a suction cup, and it's basically a four-minute hourglass that spins around in the holder. When you start your shower, turn it around to start the grains (ours are coral pink) flowing. And when they've run out, you're done.

Or you should be. I've found that if I shampoo but don't use conditioner, I can shower in four minutes or less. But if I condition, I have to go a little longer. Sometimes, C. will turn off the water and stop the timer in order to conserve water.

It's an interesting challenge -- and a good thing to be mindful of. Also helps you get ready faster in the morning.

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