Monday, June 04, 2007

Signs on the Stage

Signs on the Stage
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Tonight, C. and I went to the inaugural Online Film & Video awards ceremony for the 11th annual Webby Awards at New World Stages.

We met up with a bunch of DoubleClick folks and had a grand old time sitting in the stands watching the event unfold. A couple of things struck me. As Executive Director David-Michel Davies (whose mother I sat next to) said, the event marks a sea change in film and video production. While production tools have become slightly less expensive, distribution has become even moreso, and there's a lot of quality film and video available that we didn't have access to previously.

I won't recount the winners here. Others will do that better. (And not all belong on the bill given their excerpts, but you can't win if you don't enter.) But I will say that my highlights included having the Eepybird guys walk past me during the pre-event mixer just to have an event staffer run up to them to say that he really did know who they were and that they should have their photo taken, to see the Ask A Ninja ninja in person, to see the Muppet Statler also in "person," and to see some of my favorite online videos projected on the big screen.

In fact, despite Rob Corddry's joke that this isn't the Tony Awards, it makes me wonder. How soon can we expect a traveling show of projected Web videos? I know I'd like to see more on the big screen.

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