Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Taste of Jelly

This morning, I had my first co-working experience, participating in Jelly, Amit Gupta's semi-weekly co-working blowout. Amit's out of town, but Sahadeva was there, and I got to meet Clay Shirky, Ian Van Ness, Shawn Liu, and a bunch of other fine folks.

I brought croissants from Le Croissant Shop, and dare I say it, they may have been more popular than Sangraal Aiken's bagels. It was tough to find House 2.0's hidden network with my work PC (if only I'd brought my PowerBook!), so I learned about FON, which seems like a positive project. Roughly midday, the network in the entire building went awry, so I headed into work at the office.

Co-working is super cool. At one level, it's just a bunch of people sitting on couches and at tables working on their own projects -- an office for those without an office. But at another level, it's a productive community of people who share their ideas, opinions, skills, and tools. I'll participate in one of these again, if not just to see who shows up.

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