Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From the in Box: Nuclear Fiction

I emailed the editorial team of the American Scholar some questions about the new issue, which features what might be their first fiction ever, and this is what managing editor Jean Stipicevic said in response this evening:

We like fiction and would like to publish it. Frances Kiernan has
agreed to select the fiction we publish. It will be an ongoing part of the magazine. As far as we know (I've been here since 1972), it's the first time fiction has been included.

Kiernan is former fiction editor for the New Yorker. (She was with the department for 30 years.) Whether Kiernan will grace the Scholar's masthead is yet to be determined -- she doesn't online right now -- but this might be a solid step in the direction of an ever-more relevant "little" magazine, nee journal.

(Thank you, Jean, for responding to my query. Media Dieticians the world over appreciate it!)

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