Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Blogging About Blogging LXXVII

File under: Opportunity lost? Or, say what?

Blogger's new-ish Next Blog and Blog This features are particularly intriguing if the Blogger toolbar persists when folks follow links via blogs (especially if they use Blogger).

Let's say you read Media Diet. Let's say you use Blogger. Let's say you click on a link within Media Diet.

Now... let's say that, if you use Blogger -- and Blogger's toolbar persists -- when you access links external to Media Diet or any other Blogger-fueled blog., you still, well, have the toolbar. If you use Blogger.

The Blogger toolbar, including Next Blog and Blog This, etc., remain. Even the site-specific search could remain. Google could probably do that. I'm just guessing.

Let's further say that Blog This pulls not just the URL in question, but the referring link -- a la a "[via] or some such suffix. Let's further further say that you can do that at the entry level, not just at the blog level.

Does that require frame-based referrals a la Perhaps. Honestly, I have the proverbial "no idea." But perhaps there's a more elegant solution. And perhaps, just perhaps, it's hella useful.

I think it might be. If the Blogger toolbar persisted as I scarfed the Interweb via my own blog -- or browser, regardless, now that I think about this -- what might be possible?

That brings up another question, which folks might already have answered. What if Mozilla, Explorer, Netscape, Opera built smart Blog This options into their... toolbars. For Blogger, Moveable Type, and other tools?

I bet plugins aleady exist. Say it's so. Or, say it's impossible.

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