Thursday, December 04, 2003

Nervy, Pervy XXI

If you're an NYU film student and you'd like to pursue a project with erotic undertones -- or overtones, for that matter -- be sure to keep the sex R-rated. A student interested in filming a live sex act in front of classmates was told to remain tame. While the university contends that it has long had an unwritten policy requiring student films to follow industry standards, the Washington Square News criticizes the action in light of no documented guidelines.

I can understand the concern with staging the sex act in front of a class, but I wonder: Had the student wanted to film the project elsewhere -- still turning it in for class -- would this hubbub have happened? Regardless of your stance on free speech, artistic development, and public-private behavior, public copulation is still public copulation. And there are laws against that, aren't there?

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