Friday, September 03, 2004

Nervy, Pervy XXVI

A woman named Alexa sent me an interesting email a couple of days ago:

Your blog Heath Row's Media Diet is fabulous. Indie labels are the best way for bands to be heard. Then they go screw it up by signing with a major label.

Harf. So that's what happens! In any event, Alexa -- who had me at "fabulous" -- wanted to do a link exchange, which I generally don't do unless a site is also DIY media related.

But guess what: The gal's an escort. And her blog, A New York Escorts Confessions, is a rather vanilla peak into the life of one of the lesser ladies of the night. Masseuse:Escort::Erotic Massage:Prostitute?

My tendency is to be skeptical of things like this; what better way to launch an attention-getting blog than to pose as an escort and write entries about oral sex, public sex, sex toys, sex clubs, and -- perhaps sexiest of all -- Brazilian volleyball players?

Maybe she's for real.

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Sister Sunshine said...

Isn't your blog getting enough attention? Pity. Good luck...